Wednesday, June 4, 2014

yellow dress

Nothing screams louder than yellow during spring and summer. I just find that it is such a classic color to have during this season. Everyone should have a LYD (little yellow dress) right now! It is just so bright, happy, fun and cute and anyone can pull it off. 
I love this yellow dress so much because it has every little things that I need in a spring/summer dress. The casualness, sweetness and cuteness are all in this dress. Also, the cutest thing about this dress, and hopefully you can see it too, is the mini little daisies that go along the chest area. SUPER CUTE! That basically was what sold me the dress. I paired the dress with a minty pastel belt and a white watch to bring out the color of the dress more. A pair of statement earrings to add some fun, and last but not least a pair of nude heels to finish off the look.
p.s my belt was going crazy!! it kept on sticking out -__- this belt can't be tame but oh well at least it worked, but anyway have a great day which ever day it is and stay beautiful :)

dress: Ross | belt: thrift | watch: gift from friend | shoes & earrings: Forever21


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