Tuesday, July 1, 2014

casual and relax denim

This past weekends I took a mini getaway to Monterey and Pfeiffer Beach, and I will have to say that it is beautiful. The only down side on this trip was that Pfeiffer Beach, only Pfeiffer Beach, was really gloomy and cold. The water was ice cold, and drive into the beach was really narrow and horrible, but other than that everything was amazing! I love the view and the sand. OMG I can't believe it was really purple! 
I was going so a casual and chic look, so i pair denim on denim. I button up my top all the way to make the outfit chic. I paired the top with some distressed denim shorts to make the outfit edgy and casual, and lastly, an oversized cardigan for a relax look and of course to keep myself warm. 

top: Ross | cardigan: Forever21 | shorts: Thrift/Vintage 

white button up

Every girl out there should own a button up white top! It is one of the greatest creation. A classic button up is very versatile and easy to work with. You can dress it up or down. It is chic, edgy, cute, elegant, effortless, clean, girly, etc. You name it! Everyone can sport a classic white button up.
I pair my top with these distressed denim shorts for a very relax and casual look. I didn't put any accessories on due to the fact that I was at the beach and didn't want any of my accessories being carried away by the waves.
top: TJMaxx | shorts: Forever21

Thursday, June 12, 2014

pink and bold

Pairing these to bold and loud pieces together made me feel super woman! 
top:forever21 | maxi: JCPenney | choker: charlotte russe | heels: ROSS?? 
p.s sorry for the short info about this look since i am so so so tired -__- but have an amazing day today beautifuls!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

pleats midi

I have been loving the mid calf skirt, and it is slowly turning into one of my needs. They are so cute and create a very modest vibe yet still chic, which is something that I can really appreciate. Mid calf skirt is just versatile to me, since you can pair them with anything.  Yet, I will have to say that they can be hard to work with too if it doesn't fall in the right place, especially if one is petite. I am 5'4 and I sometimes too have hard time to make midi work, but I learned to work around with it.
Today outfit, I pair this midi that have pleats and floral prints on it with a very beautiful rosy top to complement each other. I finish off the look with a pair of nude heels.

p.s & my bangs weren't being nice to me today -___- tsk tsk tsk 

top, earrings and heels: forever21| skirt: thirft

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

yellow dress

Nothing screams louder than yellow during spring and summer. I just find that it is such a classic color to have during this season. Everyone should have a LYD (little yellow dress) right now! It is just so bright, happy, fun and cute and anyone can pull it off. 
I love this yellow dress so much because it has every little things that I need in a spring/summer dress. The casualness, sweetness and cuteness are all in this dress. Also, the cutest thing about this dress, and hopefully you can see it too, is the mini little daisies that go along the chest area. SUPER CUTE! That basically was what sold me the dress. I paired the dress with a minty pastel belt and a white watch to bring out the color of the dress more. A pair of statement earrings to add some fun, and last but not least a pair of nude heels to finish off the look.
p.s my belt was going crazy!! it kept on sticking out -__- this belt can't be tame but oh well at least it worked, but anyway have a great day which ever day it is and stay beautiful :)

dress: Ross | belt: thrift | watch: gift from friend | shoes & earrings: Forever21

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

feeling blue

Yes I am a big fan of the Beatles, so end of the story. Now let's move on to the outfit that is very similar to the top ;), well maybe not too similar beside the sun glasses. I was going for a chill, yet fashionable outfit today, so I though a midi loud and blue skirt will do the magic. BUT! then I still want this outfit to be wearable for an everyday look, so I added some greys and blacks to create a casual vibe. I also added some fun accessories to make this outfit fun and "adventurous" because someone here wants to be a little different today & I understand this look isn't everyone's cup of delicious tea. BUT! haha I love it!

p.s if you see a little white slip >__< my apologies. the top armpits hole was too big so me bra was flashing every where, and i wasn't feeling it. Also, this skirt was see through so got to wear some slips under.BUT! ( so many buts today ) enjoy this post! 

hat, top, necklace and shoes: Forever21 | skirt: DIY

Monday, June 2, 2014

girly relax

I was feeling playful and casual today so this outfit was perfect for me. It wasn't too restricted on me. Even though it is casual and simple, it is still girly and relaxing, which makes me feel lively and jumpy in it. Also, no shoes are as great as a pair of comfortable flats/sneakers. You can literally do everything in it! As for today outfit, I paired my all time favorite skirt with this peter-pan collar top with polka dots prints, and a pair of sneakers to tie this outfit together.

p.s. i am aware of that my sneaker is falling apart, but that is the beauty of it. i had never really like clean and new sneakers. ;) how about you?

top and skirt: forever21 | sneakers: sister's shoes