Thursday, October 30, 2014

two piece

I am really loving the two piece due to the fact that it is so effortless, but make a big statement, very chic and fashionable. I don't have to put much time into my outfit because I know it will work out well, especially this two piece from Wet Seal. The prints are just very eye drawing. This piece will immediately catch people eyes because its fuzzy! I mean look at it for a while and you will start seeing fuzzy things. haha Anyway, the real reason why I adore this two piece is because the prints aren't too bold or minimal. It's like the perfect amount of prints if that makes any sense. Well enjoy this post and BIG MUAH to you all! ^__^

two piece: Wet Seal | bag: Ross Dress for Less | shoes: Nine West

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

mustard for life!

Hello my beautifuls and handsomes follower and viewers! I apologizes for being super MIA!!! I have been so so so unbelievably busy with school and work that I wasn't able to balance blogging with school and work. BUT!! I now "believe" that I can do it... maybe.. but please don't be discourage and keep up with me. I will try my best to post as often. Thank you for understanding and now lets hop right into the outfit.
Of course fall is here and what is better than sporting some mustard and greys this fall. Those two shade/color are such a great combination and very appropriate for fall. I layered the mustard sweater with a brickish red collar top with polka dots to give this outfit a little twist so it won't look too simple and boring. I also added this amazingly blue cross-body bag to help contrast the mustard. LOVE LOVE LOVE playing with colors in the fall!! oddly it's much funner to play with colors in the fall. 
sweater/jumper, skirt, hat: Forever21 | shoes: Nine West |  bag: ROSS

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

cut out maxi

today outfit is something casual yet can be really dressy. this dress is lovely and super wearable. it can be dress up or down. & what i love the most about this dress, it is super down to earth, but you can sense some sexiness from it because of the shoulder cut outs. i can see myself wearing this dress more often in the up coming fall season. 

dress: forever21 | shoes: payless shoes 

Monday, August 11, 2014

calm that print down

AHHH prints, world greatest invention. I love experimenting with new style and looks, so today look is all about rocking some prints. One reason that I believe makes a lot people stay away from prints is that it can be too loud, bold and hard to work with. Yet, if you just think simply and outside of the box, you will find that prints can also be your every day basic ;).  I decided to pair this bold and beautiful blue button up top with something as casual as a pair of black pants and flat shoes. Neutrals are a great way to make prints work. It will help balance out your outfit , but if you want to make a much bigger statement, stay within the color palette that your printed piece provided for you. For example, if I were to pair a blue or green bottom with this top, it will work out perfectly since it goes with the color palette in the top. It is all about balance. 

top: forever21 | pants: papaya | shoes: reflection

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

crochet top and floral maxi

An old photoshoot from last year with the amazingly talented Stacey Xiong (Mvlasuro) 
Top: unknown | skirt: thrift | shoes: Fashion Lounge

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

casual and relax denim

This past weekends I took a mini getaway to Monterey and Pfeiffer Beach, and I will have to say that it is beautiful. The only down side on this trip was that Pfeiffer Beach, only Pfeiffer Beach, was really gloomy and cold. The water was ice cold, and drive into the beach was really narrow and horrible, but other than that everything was amazing! I love the view and the sand. OMG I can't believe it was really purple! 
I was going so a casual and chic look, so i pair denim on denim. I button up my top all the way to make the outfit chic. I paired the top with some distressed denim shorts to make the outfit edgy and casual, and lastly, an oversized cardigan for a relax look and of course to keep myself warm. 

top: Ross | cardigan: Forever21 | shorts: Thrift/Vintage 

white button up

Every girl out there should own a button up white top! It is one of the greatest creation. A classic button up is very versatile and easy to work with. You can dress it up or down. It is chic, edgy, cute, elegant, effortless, clean, girly, etc. You name it! Everyone can sport a classic white button up.
I pair my top with these distressed denim shorts for a very relax and casual look. I didn't put any accessories on due to the fact that I was at the beach and didn't want any of my accessories being carried away by the waves.
top: TJMaxx | shorts: Forever21