Monday, April 21, 2014

DIY Floral crown

 Lately I have been really into some sweet floral crowns, so instead of spending extra money on some expensive floral crowns, I decided to DIY some. The best part about DIYing is that it is cheaper and you can get the crown to fit your style and taste. I only spend 10 dollar on these two crowns. Amazing price! The department store or website can cost over 10 to 20 dollar per crown!!! >-< EXPENSIVE!! So... if possible I really recommend for you to always try your best to DIY anything that seems to be DIYable because it will help you save many more dollars.
faux floral: Michaels (floral was on sale!!!) and dollar tree |  head band: Walmart


Friday, March 28, 2014

blooming black

Yes, I am aware of that it is already spring and that I should be putting away my blacks and bring out my colors, but I am officially in love with this beautiful neutral shade called black. 
This week in northern California was getting a little gloomy and chilly, yet lovely, so I find that it is the perfect opportunity for me to sport a black on black outfit before the hot sun comes out again. Now, black on black under the California sun is crazy. You will suffer! So today is the best day for me to be wearing some blacks until the sun comes back out. Anyway, this outfit is really casual. I paired this black crop top with this barely mesh black skirt and my black suede booties, and a cap to add some sporty spices into the outfit. AND! of course a tank under to add some warmth to my so not sexy tummy. :P 

cap, shoes and skirt: Forever21 | top: ebay | tank: h&m | backpack: yesstlye | necklaces: flee market & sf pier 39

Friday, March 21, 2014

many blues

The sun is out, a slight breeze is in and my mood is amazingly happy. Hello spring of 2014! I am starting this spring off with some blues. Blue is the new black ^__^
I saw that this denim dress that I thrifted about a year ago has been sitting in my closet collecting dust for too long, so it is time for me to show some sweet love to this dress. I paired it with my circle skirt to balance out the outfit since the denim dress can be quite edgy with the studded collars. Furthermore, it fit quite like a body con dress so I wanted to add some volume to my lower body, and let me just talk about this pair of shoes that I recently purchased at Forever21. I love it and it is so chic and adorable, especially the cutouts and it goes with everything. LOVE LOVE LOVE! SO MUCH LOVE :P
hat, shoes and necklace: forever21 | denim dress: thrift store | skirt: TJMaxx | bag: ross | earrings: vintage

Thursday, March 20, 2014

a bit of black and white

White and black just seems so right for today... well I take that back, it is great for every day. Many may find it boring and un-interesting, but it is actually really chic, classy, minimal and attractive ^__-Furthermore it is super easy to work with. You can go all white or all black and it will still be a perfect outfit.
crop top: wetseal | pants: ebay | shoes: forever21

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

those little things

If you haven't know yet, I am passionately in love with photography. I love to play with the camera. Something about photography just inspire me to do every thing that I at first thought isn't doable. I furthermore believe in the power of photography and how beautiful it can be when great moments or things are capture.
There is just this precious thing about the smallest, littlest and fragilest thing that has been created into earth for us to observe and embrace. They seem so mysterious and interesting in my eyes. Now, here is a view of what I saw today under the golden sun while hiking. ENJOY!
check out my facebook page for more photos that I took a few months ago:

I love the golden hour. It just bring great energy and peace to me. ^__^

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

my oldest friend

Believe it or not this top with vintage floral prints is the oldest piece in my closet. This top has been sitting in my closet for 7 long years and it had never failed me. I remember being so obsessed with it since I was in love with the prints and the style of the shirt, but I had kept it in my closet for quite a while now. I had just been wearing it as pjs tops or around the house kind of tops, but somehow today was such a great day that I was ready to show some love to it again. I paired it with these DIY knees slit black jeans, boots, bags and hat. I know there are a lot of blacks everywhere, but I just can't help it so don't blame me. Anyway, I added some silver jewelries to give off a casual vibe and look. AND how cute are these sunnies! O-O I think that they are so adorable!! 
top, boots, necklaces and hats: Forever21 | jeans: thrifted | bags: Ross | sunglasses: style for less

Saturday, March 15, 2014

sweet pastel

I told you that I was going to be kind and bring some colors into my life! ^__^! And I am loving it. Even though there are four more days left until the official beginning of Spring, today just felt so much like Spring already, so I decided to rock on some pastel to make Spring come by faster (if it is possible -___-). I love pastel! They are soft, romantic and settle. Pastels are like the sweet side of neon. If you don't want to go all neon or if you don't like neon, generally bright and bold colors, but want some colors in your wardrobe, pastels are perfect for you. They make me feel so girly. When I slowly build up this outfit, I have this sudden feeling of girliness and cuteness. I felt like a princess for some odd reason. 
I threw on this pretty soft pink jumper on top of a blouse with a BEAUTIFUL statement collar. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blouse! Anyway, I also paired the jumper with this beautiful minty greenish blue flare out skirt, which added a girly touch to this outfit. The black bag and shoes were added to tie everything together.
jumper: forever21 | blouse: thrifted | skirt: TJMaxx | bag: Ross | Shoes: Reflection | rings: forever21, thrifted and Wetseal | watch: Target