Tuesday, June 3, 2014

feeling blue

Yes I am a big fan of the Beatles, so end of the story. Now let's move on to the outfit that is very similar to the top ;), well maybe not too similar beside the sun glasses. I was going for a chill, yet fashionable outfit today, so I though a midi loud and blue skirt will do the magic. BUT! then I still want this outfit to be wearable for an everyday look, so I added some greys and blacks to create a casual vibe. I also added some fun accessories to make this outfit fun and "adventurous" because someone here wants to be a little different today & I understand this look isn't everyone's cup of delicious tea. BUT! haha I love it!

p.s if you see a little white slip >__< my apologies. the top armpits hole was too big so me bra was flashing every where, and i wasn't feeling it. Also, this skirt was see through so got to wear some slips under.BUT! ( so many buts today ) enjoy this post! 

hat, top, necklace and shoes: Forever21 | skirt: DIY


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