Friday, May 30, 2014

mini sweet floral

I figure that I am in the phase of transiting and trying a different style. I was pointed out that I am starting to dress girly and "woman" like if there is such thing as woman like. Yet, I just call it experimenting with different styles and looks, since it fun and adventurous to find something new, and never know you might just find the one thing that you love. So, my readers never be afraid to try anything new or odd and just go for it. I don't believe that a person need to have or stick with a current style, so go crazy and wild or if you are crazy and wild already, try something simple and settle.
Today outfit post is really girly and sweet, but still casual and pass for an every day look. I love this cute floral top with small floral prints. I think that it is the most adorable little floral ever! I paired it with this beautiful and bright pastel/neonish skirt that I think really bring out the floral prints of the top. Lastly, I went with white and gold accessories and jewelries to make this outfit feel fresh and chic. Also, it helps put everything together, well in my opinion. 

p.s: sorry for the different lightings. photos were taken at different time of the day, and i didn't feel like editing since i thought the lights work well ^__^ but anyway enjoy!

top: Wetseal | skirts: TJMaxx | bag: Ross | earrings: Forever21 | watch: gift from friend | rings: Forever21, H&M and ebay | shoes: gift from friend

 ekkk.... what is with that face!!! tsk tsk tsk 


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    1. thank you ^__^ i am glad that you like it

  2. I absolutely love this look and I love that you got everything from affordable stores. Great accessible look.

    1. thank you i try to make everything as affordable as possible since i am a student who needs to save and i know that there are a lot of people out there like me too ;) anyway thank you

  3. pretty :)