Wednesday, May 28, 2014

double dare!


Hello my readers!! Sorry for being gone for a week now. Super sorry even though I know it will happen again in the future -___-, but still I am sorry. Finals is this week, and as everyone knows it is a pain in the behind.
Anyway, today outfit post was quite risky don't you agree. I know I know this is not every one cup of tea, but it never hurts to get out of my comfort zone. Honestly, I was nervous wearing this outside, since it is so crazy and loud, but then I eventually feel amazing after a few minutes of "Ahhhh"! ^__^ I love it!
I paired this purple top with a yellow skirt, and then I try to tone it down and make it more everyday wearable by adding some black.
hat and top:forever21 | skirt: DIY | bag: ROSS | shoes: Tobi

ps: i have no clue my in every photos my arm has to be up -___- haha it was windy okay!!! ;)

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