Tuesday, October 1, 2013

mesh is peeking

i will admit that i am scared of the mesh trend not because i think that it is not flattering; it is really flattering and cute. i actually love the texture and look of mesh on a piece of clothing, and i think it really add an extra of edginess and sexiness into an outfit. yet, i don't have the confident to wear mesh. shame on me and i blame myself! but hey hold on i am trying to break free from my low self esteem and start adding mesh into my closet. i hope i am not too late on this. anyway, i saw this super cute skirt at forever21, and it has the perfect amount of mesh! not too revealing or too sexy for me! PERFECT! so yes it was a have to get because it is always fun to break free from my own comfort zone, and i always discover new and amazing things too. if you are like me and you have some kind of discomfort to any kind of trend, style or piece of clothing then start small and slowly build it up from there. i believe that it will help you develop more love into the things that you are dis-comfortable with. BREAK OUT OF THAT ZONE! 
i am so proud of myself :')!

top, skirt and booties: forever21 | bag: ross | belt: thrift store

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