Sunday, September 8, 2013

chunky blue

finally a little chilliness today in northern california!!! \^__^/ the moment i feel this chilliness i just know what i want to wear right away and it is this bright beautiful!!!!!! chunky knitted blue sweater!!! i love it and!! AND!!! IT HAS POCKETS!! two mini little cute pockets!! and a touch of gold accent perfect right!!!?? well to me it is perfect! i am just looking forward to more chilly days because honestly i really miss fall and winter :') i want them to be here already... okay i am totally off topic now but anyway enjoy this post and i hope you will also like this outfit as much as i like! big MUAH to all of you lovelies!!!
p.s sorry for the deadly looking face i am not sick the lighting wasn't being nice with me :'(

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