Friday, August 16, 2013


mustard oh mustard... i never really picture you in summer but you happen to grab my attention so i fell in love with you! <3 somehow you are so soft and beautiful!!! 
you kind of replace my yellow (i still love you yellow) 
hello lovelies! i found this beautiful mustard short yesterday at the sale section in forever21 and it caught my attention right away. it is simple but bold with it's bright and settle color. i was planning to wear this shorts in the fall since it isn't so bright or "summer appropriate". yet, i woke up looking through my clothes, and this short just scream out my name telling me to put it on even though it is not fall... so i put it on and fell in love! 

blouse: Ross | shorts: forever21


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    1. thank you
      you have an amazing blog too

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    1. awesome blog!!! yes of course i would love to follow you