Monday, August 11, 2014

calm that print down

AHHH prints, world greatest invention. I love experimenting with new style and looks, so today look is all about rocking some prints. One reason that I believe makes a lot people stay away from prints is that it can be too loud, bold and hard to work with. Yet, if you just think simply and outside of the box, you will find that prints can also be your every day basic ;).  I decided to pair this bold and beautiful blue button up top with something as casual as a pair of black pants and flat shoes. Neutrals are a great way to make prints work. It will help balance out your outfit , but if you want to make a much bigger statement, stay within the color palette that your printed piece provided for you. For example, if I were to pair a blue or green bottom with this top, it will work out perfectly since it goes with the color palette in the top. It is all about balance. 

top: forever21 | pants: papaya | shoes: reflection

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