Tuesday, April 29, 2014

let's jumpsuit!!!

HELLO MY BEAUTIFULS!!! Super sorry for being gone forever!! I have so so so much going now right now with school, and it is just really hard to balance school and blogging. Anyway, last weekend I took a break from the school madness and went to Fort Bragg to enjoy some beautiful scenery and release some stress with my man. It was beautiful and amazing there, and I barely make it home due to missing Fort Bragg so so so much. Yet, there is always next time. I am definitely going back in the summer. 
The outfit that I wore on the second day in Fort Bragg was really casual and cute. I got this denim overall at yesstyle, and honestly it wasn't what I thought it be. I will post up a review on it soon. Anway, since it was a little chilly in Fort Bragg, I wore this jumper that I purchased at PacSun. AND!! of course my dirty white converse to finish the look. 
P.S. Sorry for the bad quality photos. As you all can see it was taken from a phone camera, but please don't hate it and please still do try to enjoy it. Photos are still photos and still worth a thousand words and memories. ^__^

jumper: pacsun | jumpsuit: yesstyle (http://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1035371321) | shoes: converse 

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