Tuesday, January 21, 2014

big pink!

i love nothing more than a big over-sized sweater. it is a great winter piece because 1. it's warm 2. it's comfy and 3. it's cute!!!! i purchased this amazing pink over-sized sweater at a local thrift store and i am in love. i would usually find these kind of sweaters at a very high price, between 20-100, but i got mine for $6! AND let me tell you, it is super soft and very good quality. it feels just like new! this sweater goes all the way down to just a little bit above my knees, which means it can we wear as a dress too. DOUBLE ++! i love it when i find great pieces in those crazy racks. anyway, i wore it with a faux leather pants to add some edge to the outfit since the soft texture and pink color of the sweater creates a girly and romantic vibe, and as you all know i love to put different styles together. it just creates balance to an outfit.

sweater: thrift shop | faux leather pants: ebay | shoes: payless shoes | clutch: ebay | necklace: forever21

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