Thursday, January 16, 2014

an old dress

throwing on something really casual and cooling today since the temperature went up to the 70's. i had this mod dress for many years now, and i remembered buying this dress at the sales racks of forever21 for my halloween costume and never worn it since then. i guess i didn't really know what to wear with it back then since i always think it is really not for me. it always look so formal and dressy for me in some odd reason. luckily, today something inside of me said that i should show some love to this dress. now, i found billion of reasons to wear it again. it is such a chic and versatile dress. i could dress it up or down, and i could even layer it. oh my why didn't i thought of this! SLAP IN THE FACE! anyway, what i love the most about this dress is its pockets! i love pockets! AND the black and white! LOVE IT!
necklace: forever21, vintage store & farmers market | dress: forever21 | beanie: old navy | bag: ROSS | boots: unknown | rings: ebay, forever21 & h&m

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