Saturday, December 21, 2013

the "boyfriend" jeans

just something very casual to start off a very busy day. i was running errands back and forth, and oh my goodness these jeans are the best jeans to walk around with or even move in it! love my boyfriend jeans that i purchased at Target. it is not too loose or baggy, but it is just the perfect fit. i also love the light wash too. it just add an extra casualness into it, where a dark is more edgy and dress up. 

plus i added this ombre strappy heels to make the outfit a lot more put together. i know that it is not "normal" to run errands with heels on, but these are really comfortable on my feet and i can walk like a "boss" in it! well, not technically like a boss, but like a normal person in it. it is just so chic and girly. the heels just balance out this loose and casual outfit to make it more chic and cute.

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