Saturday, October 5, 2013

simply denim/hmong festival

there was a hmong festival in town, and i didn't really plan to go since there aren't much things to see or to look at. plus it is just set up just like a flea market, but thank goodness a good friend of mine convinced me to go because there were a lot of beautiful and tribal pieces. from clothes, hat and skirt to jewelries; it was beautiful seeing these pieces. i got inspired a lot from all of these unique pieces, and to make it more extreme and special, all of these clothing and accessories were handmade! crazy right! 
well now let's jump into the outfit that i wore to the festival. i wasn't planning to be super dressy or dress in Hmong traditional clothes, so i just throw on a denim dress and top it off with a light weight black sweater. it is just very casual and easy to move around in since i did a lot of walking today. i was also glad that i choose to wear these wedges too. they were so comfortable and easy to walk in. this wedges lasted me for 5 hours. yes i stayed at the festival for five freaking hours.

lots of pleats and lots of fringes! coins are even apart of these outfit! and yes those are coins and sadly it wasn't quarters or nickles. 

these tribal hats were so cute! they have such an amazing print on them. i give the owner props for making these hats

beautiful pleated hmong skirts! absolutely loving the prints and patterns.

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