Saturday, September 28, 2013

flowy shorts

i am always really down for anything light and flowy. it is just very comfortable and i can move around in it since i am a person who can never ever stay still. this flowy and delicate rusty brunt red short is perfect especially in fall. i love the fact that this short creates a short/skirt illusion. it just makes this short very unique and different. i need to get more of these kind of flowy shorts, i mean i don't dislike wearing skirt, i love wearing skirt! i would pick skirt over any shorts and pants any day, any time and any second, but i just think that a flowy short skirt like is just ten times better! this will help decrease the chance of me having a Marilyn Monroe moment, don't lie we all have that moment where our skirt flies in the air! ^_- 

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