Wednesday, September 25, 2013

dolmen cardigan

I seriously have the biggest debate about wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Litas this morning. I shouldn't had even second guessed my Litas since of course it is the most perfect and amazing pumps that had ever been invited in the history of shoes. PERFECT pair of shoes for fall. Also, if you haven't know yet, high-waist pants or disco pants are truly another obsession of mine. I love them and they are perfect for this colder weather. I always love to layer them on top a thin or cozy tight to add extra warmth. I throw on this shawl like dolmen cardigan since this morning was chilly and those damn classrooms are always so cold. I hate cold classrooms, especially those science lab class, and yes you will be hearing me complaining about school really often now since it is a pain to my brain. well, don't get me wrong I do love school too. 

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